Aventuras Alvestegui – Travel Planning

Thanks for stopping by! Hey, I’m Pablo and this is my travel blog. I am an avid traveler and travel planning addict. While I am not traveling abroad or somewhere domestically (I’m from the good ol’ USA, California to be exact), you can find me helping someone plan their next trip or working on an itinerary for a good friend. Because of my love for both travel, and travel planning, I decided to start helping people plan their next trip.

I am a professional travel planning expert. I can help you plan your next trip abroad before you leave, and also while you are on your trip. My love for traveling has shown me a new career, and I am so excited to help others out. We can plan your trip from the time you leave until the time your return home after your trip. I am an expert at planning daytime activities and nights out alike. I am passionate about researching and planning vacations so that others don’t have to worry or stress about it.

If you are into adventure type activities, I can plan those as well. I will ensure that you have your itinerary with you in multiple places. I can email it to you, upload it to a cloud drive, or even post it on a locked page on this site for you to access later. You will not have to worry about where to go or when to go. I will plan all transportation, hotels, and activities. I can even research and provide you with details about the best restaurants in certain towns.

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I not only started this travel blog to help people plan their next trip, but so that others can get inspired. Take a look at my recent posts for ideas about where to plan your next vacation. Or, you can look at the interactive map on the countries page to get an idea as well.