Countries I’ve Visited

Map of countries I have visited

Below is an interactive map with all of the countries I have visited and written about. As I continue to travel and create adventures, I will be updating the map and coloring in countries as I travel to them. This way all my friends and family can keep in touch and up to date with what I’ve been doing on my recent trips. I think it’s so fun to be able to show people on an interactive map like this the places I’ve been. I might even color countries a different color to indicate future plans to travel there.

I am a very visual person and I love to be able to visually show places I have visited. It really helps to put into perspective the immensity of the world. I can write blog posts all day about various locations and places I’ve been to, but I like to visually show them as well. I am hoping to share with you and get you excited to plan some trips abroad. Use this map as inspiration for your own travel ideas.

I will add links to blog posts of featured countries on the map below. That way, you can click directly to the post that relates to the country you are most interested about. This map is meant to help you get excited to plan your own trip. If you have any questions or comments at all, contact me on my contact page. I am always willing to chat about my past trips and plans for the future.

I hope this map can get you excited to get out there and make your own adventures! Keep traveling and looking for new, fun, and unexplored places to visit!

I’ve visited 2 out of 217 countries. That is 0.92%.